Who are they? / ¿Quienes son ellxs?


“Quienes son Ellxs?” is a top-down isometric with 2D scene games made for the ONU Mujeres Jam (UN Women Jam) where players have to solve the enigma in the lives of different characters by completing tasks. Discover the truth behind it! The purpose of this game is to raise awareness about the different types of violence women and men live day by day.

This game jam gave me a lot of experience working with people that had little to no experience with game dev. I was able to teach and guide the team (5 members) through the process of creating a game. It was honestly hard at first to teach everything in such a short amount of time, but I was extremely proud of the team and what we were able to accomplish for the jam.

Even though we were not able to implement properly the ending that we had planned for the game, we were satisfied and proud of the work we did up to that point. This was an opportunity for me to experiment with isometric top-down games – which I have never worked with before – and I also experimented a bit with the UI (which I was proud of how it turned out) for the main menu and the game screens.

There are multiple things I could have done better during this jam, but overall I was glad I got the opportunity to improve my leadership skills to get everyone up to speed in what needed to be done and being able to have something mostly working in the timeframe given.

Made for
ONU Mujeres Jam

5 Days

✧ Game Design (Concept/Mechanics)
✧ Level Design
✧ Programming
✧ Implementation of art, animation, narrative, and more into Unity.

Date Completed
December 2020