Tower of Babel


Since this was a fantasy game, we decided to have some kind of “Cave” city/slums. At the start we called it slums but then we changed the narrative a little bit which changed the naming of the place. They were not slums anymore, but that area was kind of “marginalized” in terms of the narrative. I decided it should be a cave with a high ceiling, and a lot of space for different low-level encounters.

Made for
University of Baltimore (Capstone)

36 weeks

✧ Game Design (Game Design Document/Cave Quests)
✧ Level Design (Cave Level)
✧ 2D Art (UI sprites, icons, logo)
✧ Video Editing (Trailer)

Date Completed
May 2021

Know more about my process and level from 3:11 to 4:12
UI, Sprites, vfx

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