Tower Of Babel


This was a Capstone project for University of Baltimore. In this single-player Action Adventure RPG, the player grows in power as they ascend the mystical Tower of Babel. Hoping to bring about an end to the world’s plagues and suffering, the player must defeat the monstrous and powerful creatures that have infested the tower as they make their way to its peak.

My main responsibility was Level Design, where I had to create the “second” level/environment of the game. Since the first level was some kind of abandoned village at the feet of a tower, I thought it would be fitting, based on our story and background, that we have an area representing the more “unfortunate” souls that have tried entering the tower to get a better future with no success. This is represented in this Cave/Underground Slum. In this area people tried to enter the tower, but as they saw how many monsters were around, and they were not able to get back up to the village, they were forced to stay and live with what they could find in said Cave. The entrance of the Cave is where most of the people are conglomerated, but after getting out of that area there are quests, monsters, and other dangers that the player need to defeat to get to the third level/environment.

Made for
University of Baltimore (Capstone)

36 weeks

✧ Game Design (Game Design Document/Cave Quests)
✧ Level Design (Cave Level)
✧ 2D Art (UI sprites, icons, logo)
✧ Video Editing (Trailer)

Date Completed
May 2021

Know more about my process and level from 3:11 to 4:12
UI, Sprites, vfx