Still We Sit – Escape Room


For this project we were given the option to create a escape room based on a historical event. My group and I decided to make it based on the Greensboro sit-ins, a series of nonviolent protests during the first semester of the 1960’s.

The main goal for creating this escape room is to raise awareness about this movement and what happened during these protests. The player’s objective is try to stick to the real part of the story and desegregate the lunch counters. However, to do so players will need to solve different puzzles. These puzzles were designed specifically to showcase not only some of the characters that motivated this protest but also songs, interesting stories, artifacts, elements and events that happened during the sit-ins.

Made for
Montgomery College

1 Month

✧ Game Design (Concept/Game Design Document)
✧ Puzzle Design
✧ PPT Presentation
✧ Video Editing (Trailer)

Date Completed
November 2018

National Archives Workshop

On April 17, 2019, my group and I had the honor to be invited to present our escape room at the National Archives where multiple participants had the opportunity to try and play our escape room and others from the Computer Gaming and Simulation program at Montgomery College.