Game Jams

Casey’s World

Casey’s World is a 2D side-scroller made for the GAMERella Global Jam.

In this game you play as Casey, a girl that believes she is able to overcome anything in her path… until the game ends.

Who are they? / ¿Quienes son ellxs?

Who Are They? is a 2D top-down game created for the ONU Mujeres Jam (UN Women Jam). This game is only available in spanish.

Players have the opportunity to put themselves in the shoes of people who have been victims of different types of violence (sexual, racial, and gender violence). The purpose of this game is to raise awareness about the different types of violence women and men live day by day.

Celebrating Life

Celebrating life is a 3D game created for the eJam.

Game that focuses on celebrating life, as they do on the Day of the Dead (Dia de los Muertos).