Penumbra is a Walking Simulator/Narrative game made for one of my classes at University of Baltimore. This game was made for Google Cardboard/VR. The story will take the player through a journey to find the main character’s dog “Spots”, who gets transformed into a monster and runs away into the woods as a strange eclipse happens.

The River/Pond level was my main responsibility. Even though the main feeling we wanted to elicit in the player was fear and uncertainty, I was trying to aim my level design to a more relaxed feeling. Something like “not every ugly situation has to look bad” kind of thing. Regardless of the couple of monsters around the area, I feel like the river/pond along with the cliffs could potentially give the player a little bit of hope, calmness.

Made for
University of Baltimore

1 Month

✧ Game Design (Concept/Game Design Document/Mechanics)
✧ Level Design (River)
✧ Character Dialogue (River)

Date Completed
March 2020

You can see the level I worked on from 2:40 to 5:35.
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