Lost In Town

Individual Project
Spring 2018

Lost in Town is a Number Wizard game made for one of my classes at Montgomery College. In this game you play the role of a kidnapper, who gives the police (the game), an opportunity to get the girl. The player will need to think of a number from 1-100, and then see if the machine can guess it in 5 tries or less. If the machine fails, the player wins. If the machine guesses, the player loses.

The things I worked on in this project were:

– Game Design
– Programming
– Debugging
– Design Documentation
– UI Implementation
– Graphic Design

This is the first completed game I have ever made in Unity. I am particularly proud of the main scene where the machine guesses the player’s number. I created that map using Adobe Photoshop and the rest of the scenes art as well.


Some Code
-Coming soon-